Ring lights & Photography Questions

Ring lights are a great multipurpose tool that we know that you'll find so many uses for them. It's our go-to option for video shoots as it creates a really nice halo shadow, which then outlines the key features perfectly. We also like them for their ability to emphasize detailing on photographs. This is easily achieved as the circular design of the ring light means that you can set up your camera right in the middle of the ring. This then lets you focus on those details, which are essential to get into the image. We mentioned that this was a multipurpose tool, well, the even illumination that light rings create, makes them perfect for make-up application! 

Our ring light comes as a package with everything that you need to get started, so that means that along with the 26cm (10inch) ring light, you also receive a 1.6m tripod, phone clip, and the ball head. The price for all four elements is $65.96 

The best ring light is one that has adjustable brightness and options for different light colors. We selected our ring light because it has ten different brightness levels from white light, through to warm light and then to yellow light. It's also important to ensure that the ring is of a size that allows your phone or camera to be sited right in the middle. We've found that our 10inch ring provides the perfect dimensions to get great effects. 

Ring lights are widely used by those in the make-up industry. This is because the best lighting environment for applying make-up is one where there is a warm light source. While sunlight provides the most accurate reflection of your face, that's not going to be possible when inside a photo studio, so a warm setting on the ring light is the next best option. 

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode, and though they look like a bulb, they're actually not! They're a tiny semiconductor that is encapsulated in plastic. Regular bulbs use a filament to create the light so that when the power is turned on, the filament glows, generating heat and light. LEDs produce light through what's called a 'cold' process. Power is applied, and the semiconductors create photons, the source of the light, through the movements of the electrons. So, with no wire filament, LEDs use a tiny amount of power, making them a much more efficient and long-lasting source of light. 

A ring light is the best option for applying make-up. If you're in a room with poor lighting, it can be really difficult to see how your make-up will look once you step into natural light. No-one wants over applied foundation or the dressed 'tide-line.' An LED ring light and its ability to replicate natural lighting ensure that you step out looking your very best. 

YouTubers know that if they want people to watch their videos, then great lighting is essential. Natural light works, but not every type of vlog can be recorded outside, and vloggers still need to record material whatever the weather conditions. Ring lights are the go-to option for ensuring that the subjects of the video are lit perfectly. This is because the set-up allows the camera shoot and the light source to come from precisely the same direction. The power of LED also means that they usually provide all the light that's needed to get a great shoot completed.

When you're passionate about getting the best results, you need flexibility within your lighting kit to enable you to really enhance your subject. Softboxes are an excellent place to start with their ability to create a soft, diffused light, perfect for portrait photography. Having two softboxes up on either side of the subject creates a very even light, but that may mean that they end up looking very flat when against the background. So, we recommend also using a reflector to bounce the light back onto your subject to create a much more balanced exposure. The ability to choose the color of the reflector provides you with even more options, and they're particularly useful for adding warmth to reflected lighting. Our Studio Backdrop Kit includes an 80cm 5 in 1 reflector along with two 50x70cm softboxes. 

The backdrop behind your subject can completely make or break the image. Busy or cluttered backgrounds are so distracting, and they pull attention away from your subject. If you're shooting images of products that you'll be selling, then the last thing you want is for your customer's eye to be drawn away from the item you're promoting.

Consider the size of your subject; if it's mainly pets and toddlers, then the backdrop can be much smaller, but if its adults or groups of people, then you'll need to consider a larger size. We've included 3 backdrops in our Studio Backdrop Kit, and each one measures 1.6m x 3m, so plenty big enough for the majority of your needs. These are also made of non-woven material, essential to ensure that the texture doesn't interfere with your light settings. 

Using a green screen and chroma key photography allows you to remove the background from a photo or video. So, when you see the weather forecast on tv, and the presenter is standing in front of a map, then they've used chroma key photography to get that effect. You might want to get rid of a background altogether or introduce a new one. Who wouldn't want to be seen lying on the beach in Miami rather than in your back yard? Want to be 'seen' on the top of Everest? With green screen technology, you can! 

Green screens work by using a technique called chroma key photography. The green screen is used because it's not a color which found in human skin tones, so that makes it much easier to separate the subject from the screen. For your green screen kit, you'll need a digital camera, computer, and chroma key photography software and, of course, a green screen which we include within our Studio Backdrop Kit. Many software packages include a whole range of digital backgrounds that you'll be able to apply, along with the ability to import and use your own images. 

You can use a green sheet as a green screen, but you may not get the quality of the effect you were looking for. Firstly, you need to make sure that there are no creases to ensure that the background is totally smooth. Then it would be best if you also stayed away from any glossy or shiny materials. This is because one of the problems with chroma key photography can be when there is bounce-back color from the backdrop. This then results in a green glow all around your subject. 

The screen needs to be large enough to completely contain your subject. The green screen we provide is 1.6m×3m, which makes it perfect for great action shots of adults, children, and pets. 

When you sell products online, you'll want to ensure that the images you display on your site look professionally taken and display the item in the best possible way. If you've then tried taking photos against a white backdrop and with minimal shadows, you'll have found out how difficult it can be to get good results. This is when the light box is the tool that you need. Now you have complete control over the background and lighting to get the result you need. We've found that a soft background or diffused lighting within a light box, highlight the product beautifully. 

The best photo light box needs to be quick and easy to set-up but also pack down to allow you to transport and store it easily when not in use. You'll also want a range of backdrop colors to get the best results with different colored items. A white item may, for example, look washed out and be difficult to clearly see on a white backdrop, whereas a black background may provide a very dramatic and eye-catching image.

LED lights ensure excellent color replication and do look for a light box that has two strips of lights, one at the back and one at the front with the functionality to use just one or both depending on the effect you're aiming to achieve. Our light box photography kit provides all of this functionality, and more, as standard.