LED Ring Light With Stand

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26cmLight 1.6mstand
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26cmLight 1.1mstand
26cm Light
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This is one of those items which will quickly have you wondering how you ever managed without it. There are so many different uses for the adjustable LED ring light and where it will make a huge difference to the outcome you get.

YouTube vloggers will find that the ring light removes shadows, and when used in close up shots, it creates a circle of light in the eye,drawing the attention of people watching. If you use just the ring light, then you'll also see a shadowy halo cast around the subject

If you've ever wondered how the rich and famous always look amazingly flawless in their selfies, well, they have the selfie ring light to thank. Your smartphone sits right in the middle of the ring, meaning that your selfie will have uniform lighting to produce a fantastic image.

For photographers, ring lights are an excellent addition for macro photography. They provide a more front-focused lighting set-up compared to a lightbox, but they also manage to distribute light all around a small subject to bring out more detail. We know that having a ring light for camera work will help you to create amazing shots.

Whether you're a professional makeup artist on YouTube or just want to get a great look when you go out, having a ring light for makeup application will instantly enhance facial features and help to show true skin colors as well as those from the cosmetics.

Keen reader, jigsaw puzzler? The ring light is an excellent option for you too. We've found that the soft adjustable light is ideal for creating a relaxing environment and ideal for reading that best seller at the end of the day.

Our LED Ring Light has two different ways of adjusting the light -

  1. Three light colors

  • White

  • Warm Yellow

  • Warm white

  1. 10 levels of brightness

A ring light with a stand is so much easier to use rather than trying to balance your phone while taking a great image or video. So, within our LED ring light offer, we also include a fully adjustable tripod with non-slip feet. The base of the tripod is made from lithium alloy, an incredibly sturdy metal that will safeguard your phone and light. The remainder of the tripod is composed of aluminum alloy, creating a tripod that is strong enough to cope with the knocks from everyday use while being light enough to carry around with you.

You'll also receive a clip that can be used to attach the phone to the tripod in a number of different positions, including right in the center of the circle light. It's suitable for mounting a whole range of different makes and models of phones. We also include a ball head connector so that you can angle your phone, and it'll be held firmly in place to get the perfect shot or video.

The LED ring light is powered via a USB connector, which means that you can conveniently plug it into your laptop, power bank, or USB charging adaptor while in use.

Brand Name:
 Ring Lights

Package: Yes
Color Temperature: Bi-color 3200K-5600K
Plug Standard: US Plug
Colors: Black
LED Light Size: 10inches
Interface: 1/4 Universal Screw Hole
Function: For YouTube Video/Makeup/Selfie/Camera
Feature: 10 levels and 3 colors are adjustable
Suitable For iPhone: For iPhone X XR 8 7 6 Plus...
Suitable For Xiaomi: For Xiaomi 9 8 Redmi Note 6 Pro...
Suitable For Samsung: For Samsung Galaxy Note 9 S9...