Photography Backdrop Studio Background Green Screen Kit

Studio Backdrop Kit

There's a well-known saying that 'A photo lasts a lifetime,' which is fantastic when it's a great photo. But, when it's a poorly lit image with a cluttered background and a host of shadows, then you might wish it disappeared much more quickly.

We've seen some fantastic photos taken with phones and some truly awful ones with expensive SLR cameras. When we then analyzed them to work out just what it is that makes the difference, we've come to the conclusion that the key to a great photo is less about the camera you're using and more about the lighting and the backdrop of your photo studio.

Our Photography Backdrop Studio has been designed to enable you to take amazing photos, ones you really will want to cherish for a lifetime.

We start off by providing a 2.6m×3m Backdrop Stand Set. Cleverly designed using crossbars and tripod legged uprights, it results in a stand that is quick and easy to set up. It also means that you can quickly adjust the set depending on the subject's height and the room you have available.

Then we provide three different colored backdrops, white, black, and green. We love the effects you can achieve using chroma key photography and a green screen kit. With the amazing price of our studio backdrop kit, you have access to a cheap green screen, allowing you to transport your subject to anywhere in the world!

We also include three fish mouth clips to hold the backdrops securely in place on the stand.

Next up are the included lighting accessories. So, first of all, we provide two 50cm×70cm Softboxes with ceramic, heat resistant bulb holders. Each one gives you the option of using it either with the silver lining or a removable soft white cover. We find that a silver lining provides higher contrast and light, while the white lining is perfect for more neutral colors. The four provided swivel clamps allow you to direct the softbox through 270 degrees enabling you to achieve the perfect lighting effect.

We also include four 20w LED lightbulbs, and four 2m light stands so that your studio lighting kit can be used as soon as it arrives on your doorstep!

Then there are four umbrellas, two white, one black and silver, and one gold and silver. Each one measuring 88cm in diameter and with a depth of 57cm. When deciding whether to use umbrellas or softboxes, well, due to their differing shapes, a softbox will give you a much broader, but flatter, and even type of light that tends to reduce the intensity of the shadow edges. Meanwhile, the curved shape of the umbrella will give you light with much more directionality, resulting in greater 'pop' to the side of the shadows. But the great thing is that this kit gives you both to provide you with the opportunity to try out both to get the very best images.

Finally, we include a 5-in1 reflector kit, including translucent white, black silver, gold, white. Perfect for bringing out shadow detail or modifying the color of the subject.

Then we pack everything into an Oxford bag, ensuring that you can safely store and transport your studio backdrop kit.


Brand Name: Ring Lights
Package: Yes
background size: 2.6mx3m
non-woven backdrop size: 1.6mx3m
single soft box size: 50cmx70cm
umbrella size: 33 inch
light stand height: 2m
LED Bulb Watts: 20W
Reflector size: 80cm 5 in 1